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Introducing myself to you all [16 Oct 2006|11:21am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey all,

Found this community decided to join :D Ok i'm not really into the fully blown out Mary Sues and I am part of the Mary Sue community however I am not one to spork them just to read them for pure enjoyment.

For when i was a little teeny bopper I wrote heaps of Sues, I was a Suethor myself now I write them for the pure fun of it and to see how many flames and/or review I get from the Net public :P

So i got a Sailor Sue with me in the works...just asking can I post her entire information here and later on the link? I hope I can she is definitely a true Sue and in some weird way I am very proud of her :D

Thanks all and HI!!!

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A New Member For You [08 Sep 2006|01:08am]

[ mood | happy ]

1:08 a.m. Mood: happy Music: Demons & Wizards
Hey everyone.  I saw this community awhile ago and decided just now that I wanted to join.  I have several Sue-fics, mainly in the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion/Arda fandoms--and I am proud to be a Suethor. That doesn't mean I support badfic, I just like Sues--there was something someone said on here about a Suethor giving the reader a window in to her "fantasy life".  At any rate, I like well-written "DarkSIde" Sues.  I also may be the first person in history who prefers to pair her Sues with Stues/OCs instead of canon characters.  For some reason I feel it's wrong--for me at least--to do so.  Other than my Sue-fics which are at  suethor_haven I can't think of anthing else to say right now.

~Katherine J.

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Greetings [19 Jan 2005|08:18pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello, I'm a new member. I don't write fanfiction very much at all. In fact, I'm still working on my first fanfic. It's a LotR fanfic that's a definate Sue. My favorite types of fanfiction is well-written LotR Sue fanfics and those are tough to find. I'm trying to write a somewhat decent fanfic, but I'll have to revise it before I can even think of considering it somewhat decent.

I could only answer "yes" to 25 questions on Gil Shalos' BIIIIG List Of LOTR
Fanfic Cliches And Mary Sue-Doms
. ...My fanfic is such a Mary-Sue though! >_>

I'm going to keep writing until I finish. Since this is my first fanfic, I feel obligated to finish it.

Anyways, nice to meet everyone.

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Ok my Mary Sue FF Star Wars Darth Maul -Style [08 Jul 2004|01:13pm]
[ mood | blank ]


strangely I only got reviews that were positive, maybe nobody dared to flame me? I always wanted to write a sequel including my Mary Sue this time from Obi-Wans POV (I usually don't write first person, but for this *hehe*)

It is not really a parody, it is very short and based on an annoying discussion with a guy on a star wars list (us girls drooling about Maul and somebody brought up, that it was just the sexual side, nobody would want to live with him and somebody made another joke and I came up with this fic)

Dangerous Desires

MS Litmus for Star Wars-Test-Score:Collapse )

CU Barbayat

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Introduction [08 Jul 2004|12:59pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]


I just wanted to say hi - lately I have been thinking a great deal about Mary Sue and also I don't really like the overblown Mary Sue Versions (also I have only heard of those and not read any real Mary Sue 100% story myself); but I do like the mild Mary Sue Versions much better than any of the slash-stories.

It really upsets me that there are so many complaining about someone inventing a female character and get her involved with a canon male (even though I rarely read lately any where the relationship was not at least a bit developed) and instead thinking that they are the gods of fandom themselves writing about the male canons boinking each other instead - with rarely developing their relationship upfront ...

I do write OFC and I don't care if someone might think that they are Mary Sues - in fact so far I have only published two stories - I guess I link that story later here and include how high she scored on the Litmus test ;)

So now flame me, I just had to say it somewhere ;)

CU Barbayat

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great story [31 May 2004|01:33am]

[ mood | silly ]

This community is so quiet! Let's generate some laughter.

"Just the Best Mary Sue Ever!" is a positively hilarious poke at our favorite girl. It's a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fanfic which was inspired by that fandom's Mary Sue Litmus Test. She put the link in her story, but it didn't work, so if you want to check out the source material, it's here.

Enjoy! Both links are worth following and will give you lots of laughs, especially if you've seen the movie -- but even if you haven't.

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hee! [10 Apr 2004|12:16am]

[ mood | amused ]

Crossposted at sugarquill and lxg_fanfiction.

This is a great site. The name alone was enough to draw me in, but I love the owner's sense of humor.

Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!

Includes examples of (deliberately) awful fan fiction, lessons for writing better stories, and a full-blown interview with the dreaded Mary Sue.

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W00t! I love OC mary-sue fic [29 Dec 2003|09:37am]

This is a great idea for a community, even if it doesn't get a lot of action. I LOVE reading Mary-Sues. I don't have a good reason, either. Sometimes it's so I can laugh or roll my purple-with-gold-flecked anime eyes, and sometimes it's because I like a good romance (shh -- do not tell anyone, it would ruin my rep).
I think the main reason mary-sue fics intrigue me is because the author has really put some of her(him)self into the fic. Even though the character created is usually nothing like the author in real life, it's how the author would like to be, or who he/she would like to get with, or how he/she feels. When someone writes a self-insertion, they are showing me a piece of their inner fantasy life. If that makes sense. It makes sense to me, and that's the important part :)

Anyway, I don't have any fics for you. Just thought I'd introduce myself and say Rock on, Mary-Sue!

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[24 Nov 2003|03:33pm]

Greetings everyone!! I am guilty of writing a mary sue character... ::sniff::

If anyone has a LOT of spare time (or doesn't mind reading novel-fics) please check out mine:

Title: To Make a Sacrifice
Series: Shin Kidouseki Gundam Wing
Pairing: HYxOC (bad Mary Sue? You decide. It's your opinion)
Type: Drama, romance, action/adventure, angst, Xover
Rating: R... some say NC-17
Notes: Chapters 1-5 were written a LONG time before I sat down and actually wrote it, and comments and critiques are welcome. I'm a major in creative writing, so comments are appreciated.

Here's the summary:
"Heero Yuy, now a Preventer, is on assignment to protect Relena. Upon arrival he meets Relena's cousin Nimyane, who isn't what she appears to be. Heero finds himself strangly drawn to her, and he certainly didnt expect to fall in love. Rated for violence, controversial issues, sexuality"

Thanks ahead of time!


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This is just fucking brilliant [07 Jul 2003|05:47pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Mary Sue Sims for those of you who like the Sim games:

Mary Sim

It even comes with ways to kill her off. With pictures too!

If you want to cut to the chase go here!

It's very funny.

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Hey ho! [30 Jun 2003|02:33pm]

[ mood | amused ]

By the way guys, in the "interests" section of this community profiles, I really only listed the fandoms I'm in that I'm interested in, if you have any fandoms that you would like me to add, please let me know. You can do that here as comments to this post. :D

Let's have at it. And please pimp this community in your own LJs, if you don't mind.


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This community is now ready to rock [29 Jun 2003|10:22pm]

[ mood | high ]

m0usegrrl ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!

Thanks to her we have this lovely Mary Sue icon and the wonderful background that has made the layout of this site PERFECT in my heart struck Mary Sue grey eyes!

Much loff to m0usegrrl.

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Links! [29 Jun 2003|08:23pm]

[ mood | amused ]

For you Mary Sue fans:

Official Mary Sue Society Avatar Appreciation Site

Mary Sue, How to Avoid Her(or How to Create Her - depending on your point of view)

Mary Sue Character Generator (this one is great fun)

Thanks to m0usegrrl for the links. ;)

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Guess I get to go firsties [29 Jun 2003|08:11pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey! I guess I get to post first. I'm hoping this community will be in friendly fun, even though, given human nature, I do expect flames to occur. Yes, I'm the moderator and I love Mary Sues. Admitting it is the first step.

But I dunno if I can give up my addiction.

I will be posting a link to my own Mary Sue fic that I wrote recently, but will do so when there are more folks signed up for this community.

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